Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a felony, your freedoms are in jeopardy. Since your freedoms have been threatened, it is crucial that you find an attorney who can fight to protect your rights. I am Gregory J. Konke, and I can provide you with the legal representation you need.

My law firm, the Atlanta Law Associates is located in Marietta, Georgia, and serves individuals who have had difficulty with the law. I handle a broad range of criminal matters — everything from traffic violations to aggravated assaults. My philosophy is to provide clients with the personal service they deserve on their cases. Whatever the circumstances of your situation, I treat my clients with respect and dignity. My goal is to aggressively pursue justice for your legal matter.

If you have been charged with a felony and you need representation, it is essential that you act now. Contact my office by calling 770-928-9293. I am a Marietta felony defense attorney who can pursue justice for you.

  • Handling the Full Range of Felony Offenses

    My office handles the following criminal felony offenses including:

    • Assault
    • Aggravated assault
    • Battery with physical harm
    • Consumer shoplifting
    • Drug possession
    • Drug possession with intent to distribute
    • Felony battery
    • Felony probation revocations
    • Employee shoplifting
    • Other drug-related charges

Why Should You Ask for Legal Assistance?

The consequences for felonies are far greater than for a simple misdemeanor. A felony is any crime that results in fines of $1,000 or more and that you could spend 12 or more months in jail. However the reality of the situation is that often individuals are fined hundreds of thousands of dollars and are incarcerated for 10-20 years.

I work hard for my clients. I am honest with my clients about the potential consequences they are facing. And, I provide them with all of their legal options from pleading guilty to a lesser offense all the way to litigation. I am an aggressive litigator who is comfortable in the courtroom. If litigation is the right option for your case, I will tirelessly pursue justice for you.

Contact a Cobb County Felony Drug Crimes Attorney

When your freedoms are on the line, it is important to make sure you give yourself the best protection possible by hiring an experienced lawyer. Contact my office online directly or by calling 770-928-9293.

At my law firm, you can be assured that I will provide you with the competent legal services you need.

Criminal Defense, Juvenile Justice, and Family Law Attorney

I am attorney Gregory J. Konke, and the cornerstones of my practice are experience, communication, and personal service. Since 1992, my law firm, the Atlanta Law Associates in Marietta, Georgia, has provided legal assistance for hard-working individuals and families. With a focus on divorce and family law, criminal defense and juvenile crimes, my law firm provides knowledgeable legal services to individuals and families.

Contact a Marietta Family law attorney by calling 770-928-9293 or E-Mail us directly for help with your legal matter.

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